This is a question that is often asked by a portion of our clients who are content-agencies but they can`t fulfil the Norwegian orders because of the lack of Norwegian content writers. That`s where we come in and help them fulfil the orders and we always get that last question “how do you find your content writers?”.

It`s not a secret why we can deliver 100 % on quality and deadline to all our clients. We have happy writers that share the same goal as us because of our setup with flexibility, we pay them like the content heroes they are and how we use help them educate in both writing and SEO.

Who is your typical content writer?

We have content writers of all ages above 18 years old. Some of these writers are backpackers, they live on an exotic island, students in big cities and others live in rural Norway. They all have the same motivation, they want flexibility and manage their own time.

How is the hiring process of Norwegian content writers to

This is a good question and it`s a little bit different for each person. We let everyone try to write a test article, product review and write a category page in Norwegian. We pay them for the test content, if we are happy with the result we will gradually give them more work until they reach a level of success. For our content writers, this is a really smooth process and we get to know each of our writers.

What is the cost of a content writer in Norway?

This is our little secret, we don`t share how much we pay our Norwegian content writers. We know that in order to get good content writers and keep them we need to pay them good. So that`s what we do!